Video on my setup and how I completed this Project

tl;dr on the whole setup:

Raspberry Pi Zero W is the brains of the project and does 3 things:

  1. Uses the rpi_ws281x python library to connect and controll the LED strip
  2. Makes a websocket to connect to Twitch and follows Twitch's Pub Sub protocol to be able to listen for channel point redemptions
  3. Spawns a Flask web server that provides a web portal for me to manually set the display and for possible future features.

From there it's as simple as parsing some input strings and telling the LED controller code to change LED colors based upon certain animations. A Logic level controller is needed to convert the 3.3v level logic of the pi to 5v logic the LED Strip requires. I currently have the Pi and LED strip being powered separately, but given they both work on 5v Power, you should be very easily able to power them off 1 power supply.