We are winners of the Reinvented Retro Contest - THANK YOU!

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A Practical 4-Bit Educational Computer

michael-wesselMichael Wessel 07/18/2021 at 13:450 Comments

What a nice surprise! We are among the lucky winners of the REINVENTED RETRO CONTEST - what an honor to be selected from the pool of 138 amazing contenders!

Thanks  so much to the Hackaday organizers, judges and community for the votes!!

Whereas I started a first version of this project in 2016, this project would not have reached its current level of maturity and form factor without the "Microtronic Second Generation" Sister Project and my team members Frank de Jaeger, Manfred Henf, and Lilly. So I am gratefully accepting the prize for this extended team.

It was Frank who made me resurrect the project in 2020, suggested to use the Nokia 5110 display, and shrink down the form factor by switching from the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 used in my 2016 version to the Mega MiniPro 2560 board, resulting in a much more compact setup. Manfred did the 3d design and printing of the Second Generation case parts that nicely integrates into an original Busch console, and Lilly did a great job in quality control (testing, bug finding, ...) and significantly contributed to the firmware of yet another Microtronic sister project, the Retro-Authentic Bubble LED version:

More info about the "Microtronic Second Generation" sister project (which was mainly driven by Frank and Manfred), and the "Retro-Authentic Bubble LED Display Microtronic" sister project below. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!