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A project log for K3lso Quadruped

K3lso is a quadruped robot similar to MIT mini cheetah and MIT Cheetah 3.

Robin FröjdRobin Fröjd 05/16/2021 at 22:121 Comment

so tonight I have been playing around with payload testing. Mostly to get some more knowledge and data of consumption and  to learn more about the robot capabilities. I am also interested to check this because my plan is to have an arm mounted on top which also comes in at around 8kg. 

the UP Xtreme is included in the consumption data and have an estimated 0.6A consumption on average. The robot itself is aproximately 17kg net weight.

Voltage is configured at 36v. 

Payload 3kg = 1.67A 

6kg = 1.91A 

10kg = 2.35A (video) 

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