I've got 2 main Cheerlights projects so far

The first is a Python script that sets Philips Hue lights to the current Cheerlights color. It uses the Hue bridge's local API directly, so it works with v1 and v2 hubs (doesn't require making an API call out to the internet to control your lights). It subscribes to the Cheerlights MQTT broker to get the latest color, converts it from RGB to the XY coordinate system the Hue lights want, and fires off an API request to the bridge to set the color of one or more lights or groups.


The second is a project I completed near the end of last year, but it's much more relevant this year in 2020! It's a mini dumpster desk toy, fitted with a NeoPixel ring, a Digistump Oak ESP8266, a flame shaped fabric cutout, and a USB battery bank. Yes, its a Dumpster Fire!  It has two modes, one that simulates a flickering fire, and the other that subscribes to the Cheerlights MQTT broker to display their current color. It serves up a basic web UI to switch modes, change brightness, etc.

I don't have the code for this one published quite yet, but I will soon!