But How Do It Know? 8-bit CPU Build

Hybrid implementation, using SN74HC chips and Arduino Nanos, of the 8-bit CPU described in J. Clark Scott's book "But How Do It Know?".

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Hybrid implementation, using SN74HC chips and Arduinos, of the computer described in J. Clark Scott's book "But How Do It Know?".

In this project I am creating an implementation of the computer described in the book "But How Do It Know?" by John Clark Scott.

The book explains how a computer can be built using only NAND gates. I am not doing a "purist" build as that would be too large and expensive, but instead am using Arduino Nano microcontrollers and SN74HC chips to simulate some of the different parts. I am also making a video series that shows how the different parts of John's design work before implementing them on the Arduinos or SN74HC chips.

In the end I hope to have a portable-sized 8-bit computer simulator that anyone can not only build, but also program and extend if they desire.

The video series is here: Companion Video Series to "But How Do It Know?" - YouTube

Code and more info can be found here:

  • 1 × But How Do IT Know? Book
  • 1 × 14"x10" Wooden Cutting Board
  • 8 × Breadboard Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components
  • 4 × Arduino Nano
  • 7 × SN74HC373 D-type Latch

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JC wrote 01/04/2021 at 03:37 point

With all given respect , that is total non-sense...using four 8-bit MCUs to emulate PART of one 8-bit CPU....if you really want to do something that increase your own knowledge and the one of your audience you could implement such 8 bit CPU using a FPGA and program it using VHDL....that would be a very valid transferable experience and knowledge...something like that does not make any sense neither technically, nor economically, nor from time efficiency, portability, reusability, space usage, reliability....absolute non-sense!

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