Luggage tray brackets

My momas f2 electric fatbike didnt have mouns for a luggage tray. So I made some brackets so it did.

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So I recently aquired a momas f2 electric fatbike. I use it for daily commute in the winter so I needed to have some way to attach my baggage. The bike does unfortunatley not come with any form of attachementpoints for luggage. So I made my own brackets.'

I talked to a and got excellent advice and was recommended an salsa alternator luggage tray for fatbikes. This was a sturdy nice starting point. I was originally going to make the brackets out of aluminium but since I didn't have a suitable stock material I opted for a hybrid solution. Inner grip is petg and outer plate is alumnium. That way the aluminium takes a lot of the force being excerted on the plastic. After to rough terrain bike tour I am very happy about this solution. The clips on the pannier broke. Meaning. The brackets are probably sturdy enough.

If anyone has the same bike I can provide the files. Just know that

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