XY table

A project log for CNC machine V3: Mill

The third version of my CNC machine I’m making, all the pervious ones had serious issues with stability.

loufourmountainsloufourmountains 12/27/2020 at 11:070 Comments

XY table top view

Side view

Stoppers for the linear rails and not all screws are used yet because I will have to undo them anyways in a bit

Bottom view

Base rails to the base plank

Added trough bolts for more squareness and stiffness

Drilled and tapped

Table is mounted much more secure, I added a larger diameter for the fasteners connecting to the linear bearings, so my imperfections can pass trough without any issues of alignment

Of course i still have to tighten the nut, but I do that when I am sure that I like it this way