Motor & movement

A project log for CNC machine V3: Mill

The third version of my CNC machine I’m making, all the pervious ones had serious issues with stability.

loufourmountainsloufourmountains 01/30/2021 at 15:490 Comments

Lay-out work for the motor attachment on the Y axis

Motor mount cut out of 2mm aluminium

Let paint dry

I don’t have the real blue paint that most machinists use, but a permanent marker (and some sanding afterwards) will do the job!

X axis motor mount

Y axis motor mount paintjob

For holding the nut in place

Nut holder for the y axis: bent and painted

Wooden bit will keep the nut from spinning

X axis motor mount

Z axis motor mount

Z axis motor mount installed

I upgraded the mount for the bolt

Also the X nut holder is improved

Z movement