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NWS radar images & weather data, in a retro analog meter case!

Thornhill!Thornhill! 02/13/2021 at 03:340 Comments

I've slowly been making improvements over the past few weeks!


The code is becoming more refined with every new problem I find (including when my local NWS radar station was down for 5 days for repairs). 

Examples of the UI for the weather forecast pages.
Left: Forecast page showing current conditions and conditions for the next few hours at the top. Underneath a short summary for the weather tomorrow. Right: A detailed text-based forecast from NWS that takes up the full screen, with a background colour that's determined by the average temperature for that forecast period (here it's dark blue to indicate a cold night).


Looking at the new leg for the Weather Radar.
The Weather Radar has exactly one leg to stand on and it's this one. Working in the same way as a keyboard leg, this black 3D printed part tilts the Weather Radar at a 20 degree angle, which is perfect for viewing when on my desk. The leg can also fold up to lay flat.

Also in this picture, the black bezel for the navigation switch!

Future stuff!

Mostly a to do list for me: