Razor Crest Diorama

A 3D Printed Razor Crest for 3.75" Action Figures.

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Thank You Fine Engineer for the Thingiverse project.

For the price of a 3D printer and plastic, I was way under the price that Haslab wants for one of these.  Plus I got to put a servo on the rear ramp and control DotStar LEDs from a BLE HM-10 and an app on my phone.

Files for this larger version are here.  Easily fits all 3.75" action figures.

Here I am getting the servo to work with the back ramp.

Here is my completed Diorama!

I used: 

for the Phone app.  I added multiple buttons and gave each button a control word to send to the arduino.  I used and HM10 at the Teensy3.2 for receiving the commands then the program just moves the ramp up or down or changes the color of the LED.  I am working on the sound FX next and will update here when that is done.

ino - 12.02 kB - 12/29/2020 at 16:10


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