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Open-source multimeter with some unique features

john-duffyJohn Duffy 11/04/2023 at 08:422 Comments

Spent the friday night party at supercon getting the display to talk to the frontend, and I've got a working meter! 

Zero refinement at this point, but you can put a voltage, current, or resistance across it and get a reading! 

Next big step is a display upgrade, currently the font is only 1/8th the screen height, want to bring that up to use up most of the display, then refine the operation selection, then add autoranging.  Hoping to get that done this weekend, if you're around supercon, feel free to come say hi, I'm the guy that looks like me and won't shut up about his multimeter.  

I did some basic calibration a few days ago against a nice 6-1/2 digit bench meter.  I made a voltage reference and precisely measured some resistors.  I began to feel the pull towards becoming a voltnut, making nice copper clad boxes for transfer standards.  It is strong but. resist. For now.  I've started dreaming of multiple slopes and integrators.  For now I will take the easy way out. 


Trevor Flowers wrote 11/04/2023 at 17:11 point

Heck, yeah! I'm pumped to see that you're working on this as many of your design goals line up with what I'd like from a multimeter. What are you thinking for the case? 3D printed?

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John Duffy wrote 11/04/2023 at 18:20 point

Thanks, nice to hear it :) 

Yeah, I do have a printed case on it,  but haven't refined that at all, using solidedge and it's kind of a pain, especially on my old laptop.  I'll refine at some point. but less worried about that at the moment than the electronics.  Also want to try molding silicone bumpers for it later

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