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Hack a micro servo and make it smarter !

pat92frpat92fr 01/23/2021 at 14:200 Comments


This is the latest use case of the SMS board with two MG92b low cost servo.

The Arduino M5StickC Plus captures "present position" of both servo, computes the average position and sends it as "goal position" to both servo, in order to produce the haptic effect. Due to the high gear ratio of R/C servo, the effect is not as impressive as low ratio high power brushless servo, but it is working quite well. For this demo, I have just lowered the Kp of the PID position (one of the EEPROM settings) handled by the SMS board. On the right, you can see the power consumption of both servo in mA. The power voltage is set to 8V (intended to be powered by 2s Lipo battery at the end).

Bye. Patrick.