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A project log for Alice Open Source Exoskeleton 2021 Update

Open Source, Child-Focused Leg Exoskeleton for accessibility in developing communities.

jess-tamez-duqueJesús Tamez-Duque 01/05/2021 at 17:460 Comments

Since the last post, a lot has happened. We have moved from the early prototype we showed you in PLA to a still-simple but patient-compliant clinical device; and we definitely want to keep sharing it in Open Source with you !

During this time, we have created new designs, new codes, and new electronic / mechanical combinations which have made it possible to even test a couple of prototypes in hospitals so we can now say that Alice has been validated with patients. We have also been working on creating and growing an Open Source program to help more people make their own exoskeletons. You can also bet we have been drinking lots of coffee during the whole process.

We know it has taken us a while but we can finally sit down and write about it, so we will soon be uploading more posts to tell you some of things that happened during this process and to share all of the details you need to know to make your own patient-validated exoskeleton.

Stay tuned, we will be trying to make a new post every week !

PS: Here’s a sneak peak of the use of Alice with patients.