CPU Type: OCTAVO SIP ODS3358 (TI AM3358 SITARA) 512M DDR3 Memory in Package and lots of other useful stuff :)


The ODS3358 needs 5V Power but i needed to feed the Module with 3.3V so the "SNAPZZ compute" Module contains a step up converter (booster).

The GPIO are very close to PocketBeagle - using the same SIP. Hoping not need to reinvent the wheel with the Devicetree when i build Linux for this Module.


i can't route all to M.2 - not enaugh Pins ;) so i used the most common.

There is basic compatibility to the "SNAPZZ base" boards (bus gen.1) to at least get power from there, route RX/TX, I2C and USB - enaugh to see if this little sucker would work. For more prototyping there is a 1:1 Pin Fanout board from M.2 into a castellated PCB.