• Mechanical Design

    Peter Buckley03/31/2021 at 21:39 0 comments

    The mechanical design is pretty simple. A battery box/motor mount will be made out of 3/4in aluminum box section braised together. Then a hexagon of 3/4in aluminum conduit will be braised together and used as the prop guard. I have chosen to use braised aluminum because it is cheap, light, and strong. Brazing is also easier then using brackets and mechanical fasteners. I have found these Hobart Braising Rods work very well. 

    Here is the basic cad model

    I still need to figure out straps/padding. My next log will be the finished V1 backpack.

  • Motor Selection

    Peter Buckley03/31/2021 at 21:19 0 comments

    The motor is the key to this project. If the motor cannot produce enough thrust, the project will not work. If the motor is inefficient, the battery will die too fast. Along with these constraints, I do not have a ton of money to spend. Due to budgetary concerns, I headed to my favorite Chinese wholesale website Alibaba. After looking at many thrust charts, I eventually decided on a motor, the eagle power Ea98 90kv. Spinning a 35 inch propeller, this motor can produce 19kg of thrust at 65amps. This metric is almost to good to be true, especially for an $88 motor. The T-Motor P80III is similar in both size and spec, but costs more than twice as much. Along with the moto I purchased a 35 x 10 carbon propeller and a Hobbywing  x-rotor 80a esc. All together it cost me $270 shipped. For battery's, I plan to use 6 5000mah 6s lipos I purchased for an electric bike a few years back. 

    Here is a picture of the electronics.

    In my next update I will cover the mechanical design and materials choice.