Assembly - The hardest part so far...

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Giving an N64 a new lease of life with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3

jackal123ukjackal123uk 01/17/2021 at 18:220 Comments

The original components from the N64 are all through-hole so no major problems here except some of the tolerances are a bit tight.  Maybe my measurements were off or maybe some old solder left on the pins - either way, any future revision will have the holes opened up slightly.

The fine pitch SMD components (especially to SO-DIMM connector) are another story.  I used solder paste and a hot air gun for this - needed so cleaning up after but got there eventually.  

Good to see the the finished article fits perfectly into the shell too.  A couple of things come to mind at this point - I should have mounted the compute module the other way round so that the Raspberry Pi logo was the right way up and if only the compute modules were also available in matte black...

Testing next; this should be fun