We built a second prototype of Stanley and offered it to a charity auction!

A project log for Stanley - the capstan based quadruped kit

A maker friendly capstan based BLDC driven quadrupedal robot kit.

damian-lickindorfDamian Lickindorf 03/23/2022 at 21:150 Comments

The RBC Innovators ball is a celebration in support of sparking curiosity and delivering innovative and accessible science experiences at the Ontario Science Centre.

We were inspired by this mission statement and decided to donate the second Stanley prototype we made to the Science Center for their fundraising event. Our goal was to inspire young generations to dive into robotics and have a better understanding of how quadrupeds work.
We were really lucky to be present in Toronto for the event and to introduce Stanley to Dan Riskin! You can watch a replay of the event on Youtube (Stanley makes a come back at 45’19” and 1:00’00”)

This specific Stanley prototype was modified especially for the event with some special touches like the signature colour red and a maple leaf design on the front puck.