KOKO is a kit to build yourself a tiny game console with a display, sound and three buttons. The components are simple through-hole type, but you need soldering skills to assemble the kit.

The game console includes a preloaded game: Space Attack, a tiny version of Space Invaders.

KOKO is hackable, It means you can upload other games on it, modify them or create a game yourself. It is programmed in C with an Arduino IDE. A game is simply a sketch. The console core is the little and cute microcontroller ATtiny85.

I made it because after creating the Cobalt 3, I understood there are several hobbiests who want something less complicated than a little pocket computer to start with. I needed something simplier, but interesting, to enter in the makers world. KOKO is easier to solder, is funny and enjoyable. And then you can hack it.

You can take it with you when you go out, it's small, it's in the shape of a credit card and you can play with it whenever you want.