Underloading Failures

A project log for Project Bird Fish - Free Flight Robotics

Considerate conservation and climate science is on the horizon. These robots are developed to work in multi-species flocks for GOOD!

freeflightlabfreeflightlab 01/18/2021 at 05:010 Comments

When something works.. sometimes I move on.. sometimes I skip things.. well loading was a big one. Ill let you learn through all the videos of me excited to go test, and fly and.. well. failing.. 

All of these failures are mostly due to having the payload too light!! yeah i said it.. too light.... its like backwards airplane.. make things heavy and strong.. why.. because then you wont have to add batteries and steel to make it correct. 

You will see 2 wings in this... the yellow is smaller than the white.. both.. i fail at... 

After the first wings worked, I wanted to move right away to the larger higher performance ones. I totally underestimated the loading needed for them to fly properly. 

Glide Test