Speed test

A project log for MK-52 Resurrect

A Programmable Calculator from the USSR!

ptravptrav 02/22/2021 at 04:030 Comments

This is the "classic" MK-52 speed test adapted from Dr.Shelest book.

On the actual ESP32 hardware, it executes about 175 times faster. Actually, the processor speed is even faster, but the Resurrect updates the screen and checks for the STOP button 3 times per second, so 60% of the time it is busy sending pixels via SPI.

P0001: # A.E.Shelest, "Programmable Calculators in Physics", p. 27.
P0002: # On the original MK-52, this program took 35 minutes
P0003: # ESP32 computes the same in under 12 seconds (x175 the speed)
P0004: Cx
P0005: X->M 9
P0100: 7
P0101: X->M L0
P0102: 8
P0103: X->M L1
P0104: 9
P0105: X->M L2
P0106: M->X L0
P0107: M->X L1
P0108: X^2
P0109: *
P0110: M->X L2
P0111: SIN
P0112: *
P0113: M->X 9
P0114: +
P0115: X->M 9
P0116: WHILE L2>0 GOTO 106
P0117: WHILE L1>0 GOTO 104
P0118: WHILE L0>0 GOTO 102
P0119: STOP
P0120: GOTO 2