The main problem faced by homes that does not have good foundation is typhoons or hurricanes having great deal of wind force. This is because the wind of typhoons or hurricanes can reach up to 200 kilometers per hour which is very distractive for any type of homes especially for homes that does not have great support foundations. Usually these strong typhoons or hurricanes wind direction is known because it originates from specific area and travels in a specific direction. Using this direction data we can construct a low cost cover structure that can block and redirect the typhoons or hurricanes winds from destroying homes without spending cost by working on the foundation of the homes. Meaning we will construct an inclined metal frame foundation outside the foundation of the house in direction of wind of the typhoons or hurricanes depending on topography of the house and data feed of the typhoons or hurricanes direction and when there is warning for incoming typhoons or hurricanes, residents can install a protective frame cover in to the foundation metal structure with in very short period of time. This cover can withstand the force of the typhoons or hurricanes to direct it in to upward over the house saving it from total distraction. Since the cover can be disassembled and stored easily after the typhoons or hurricanes are gone it will not block sunlight for the house or take any space. This solution is perfect to solve the typhoons or hurricanes problem because we do not need to strengthen the foundation of the house but only build two small anchor foundations for metal frame. This metallic frame foundation is left open until there is warning for possible incoming typhoons or hurricanes. When the warning comes residents first insert the two metal bars and attach a sheet metal on to the two steel bar frames which has been inserted in to the metallic foundation.