how to get useful information out of filtered data and noise reduction

A project log for dsp arduino code for filtering analog enviroments

get guaranteed accuracy from a sensor in a noisy environment quickly and consistently from hybrid filtering bandpass example for VL53L0

jamesdanielvjamesdanielv 01/18/2021 at 06:411 Comment

when using the code you can see from the pulsed data, and increase in frequency that there is a limit to how good of filtering we can do and get a quick enough response for data to be useful.

here is a second set of python code called that can detect when a signal is stable and not changing more than a set percentage. from this data graph it can be seen that when a lot of filtering is done, even though there is no noise, it takes a long long time for sample to stabilize, and in the 100x filtering the signal rarely stabilizes within the times allowed for in simulation.


jamesdanielv wrote 01/19/2021 at 11:36 point

have provided code for filtering a VL53L0x with less than 0.5mm noise, and you can also set it to return a 0, until signal is stable.

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