arduino code is loaded and includes a hybrid filter for low noise fast response

A project log for dsp arduino code for filtering analog enviroments

get guaranteed accuracy from a sensor in a noisy environment quickly and consistently from hybrid filtering bandpass example for VL53L0

jamesdanielvjamesdanielv 01/19/2021 at 11:530 Comments

included files for filter_Sensor. includes example vl53l0x and my own noisefilterbox.h that has a function that reduces noise. this is from actual data from a lidar sensor VL53L0x with noise +/- 0.5mm at 30-50 samples a second. no tweaking the registers of the device yet.

this is using filter in Filtermode==3 and has an stable time of down to 4 seconds for a change of 150mm

here is same device at a different time without any filtering

this filter adjusts quickly to change.