Evolving to 3.0 with Lego Mindstorm

A project log for Lego edgedriven Ultrasonic Cleaner spinning device

To mount on a Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine so your records spin slowly while you enjoy another clean and crisp sounding record.

Bas van lieshoutBas van lieshout 09/15/2021 at 18:560 Comments

Got hold of a Lego Mindstorm set for €60 and decided to do a rebuild. When testing with the old unit which holds 3 records I’ve noticed that the Ultrasonic effect (ripples on watersurface) is disappearing when loading 3 records. When loading 2 records I also notice the effect is less. So decided to go for a single record option and here you go. Very simple and effective build and 100% Lego this time. Spinning is now programmable which opens lots of new options like a start and stop spinning program where the record sits still in the water for optimal cleaning. Let me know if you are interested in more pics etc.