HP printer cartridge control module

HP 63/302/123/803 cartridge control module with 3D printable mount.

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This project is based on Sprite_tm’s Magic Paintbrush project. The idea is to make the Arduino compatible control module for HP cartridge in easy to connect format. Most of the mechanical parts is 3D printable. Electronics part is 23x38 mm PCB with 14 inputs and powered by 3.3V.

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Neal wrote a day ago point

Cool project.  What library are you using to drive the PrintSpider board?

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Gravis wrote 01/21/2021 at 19:15 point

Here's info on a similar print head:

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Pavel Semenov wrote 01/22/2021 at 08:57 point

Thanks @Gravis . I've seen this project already. The problem is that HP45 cartridge used there is only a single color, so if you want full color printing solution you should combine at least three cartridges with it's own PCSs, connectors etc. I want a more simpler and cheap solution.

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