Finalizing the PCB design after a working prototype

A project log for Open Authenticator

An Open Source TOTP based hardware authenticator using ESP32.

vedant-paranjapeVedant Paranjape 02/01/2021 at 09:460 Comments

After getting the orders from OSHPark and assembling the board, I wrote simple apps to test all the functionality and it works like a charm. But there are certain issues in the current design, some of which to begin with are, using a OLED module, directly soldering battery wires, dirty looking silkscreen, no mouting holes, etc.

As you can see, how thick it was. Almost like a brick. It is okay for a prototype but for a professional design, big no no. So went forward with using a OLED display panel rather than a module.

Even the battery connector was awful, so swapped it with a JST-PH 2 pin connector. Moved the USB-C port further. Even the routing was a bit awful, fixed it and made the board look much better. Here are the final renders of the board.

PCB render with 3d model

PCB render without 3d models

Thanks to PCBway for sponsoring this design, you can check out the project on PCBway site and order the PCB from there