The case is made from 3/8" white HDPE. The head is made from 3/8" aluminum, and the spindle bearing assembly is made from a 2"x2"x2" block of aluminum. It has graphite impregnated copper bushings pressed into it with a hydraulic press. The spindle is a 10MM SBR collet adapter that I fitted directly into some high speed 10mm bearings. The Y axis bearings are SBR 20 linear bearings. I used my lathe to machine some aluminum sheaves to transfer power from the motor to the spindle. I did not want to make the motor direct drive because this would cause vibrations and an uneven finish. I haven't quite got all the kinks worked out yet. I'm currently waiting on the latest controller board to arrive from the PCB fab house. I will update this project when I actually have the machine working.

To make this I used my Bridgeport Knee mill and South Bend lathe. It would be pretty difficult to make a machine like this without at least a knee mill.