Lost Island

An platformer/adventure game made with Adafruit's PyGamer

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Started this project to help my son learn coding it slowly became my favorite project and my test lab for algorithms and optimizations in C.
It's a challenging platform and i love coding with it.

It's based on PyGamer made by Adafruit ( :

- 512KB of FLASH + 192KB of RAM- 1.8" 160x128 Color TFT Display
- Speaker ..I's coded mostly in C and C++, using some "Arcada Library" and "Audio Library Fork"

Game specifications : 

- 30 FPS
- S3M/MOD musics in 44Khz 
- Sound FX in stereo
- 16 bit colors
- Dynamic tile system
- Generated worlds with hills, flat terrain, caverns and tunnels
- Generated ores to collect
- Water simulation (which follow terrain dynamically)
- Dynamic lighting (sun direct light and player point light) of tiles
- Erosion simulation (grass and stones surface is updated with sun and water)
- SEPC  (means : Super Enjoyable Player Controller) with wall sliding, wall jumping, double jump, etc.
- Mining and collecting ores
- Trees can be collected too
- Ennemies (three types for now) with different IA

  • 1 × PyGamer
  • 1 × PyGamer Kit

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