Tiny CAN FD 8Mbps USB Stick

Tiny, simple and open USB to CAN FD 8Mbps adapter using the new STM32L552CC and MCP2562 ICs

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A small USB stick featuring a Flexible Data CAN bus with up to 8Mbit transfer rate. An integrated terminator switch to make things easier. Meant for those who want to have FD CAN support on a Raspberry Pi, Jetson (Nano) or similar board. Or simply to hook a CAN board up to a computer for testing or debugging.

This board uses the new STM32L5 Cortex M33 and has SWD pads on the bottom for debugging. The USB plug part can be cut off, leaving the (unsoldered) pin header to connect the USB side. The CAN bus uses a JST XH 2.5mm plug.

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