I wanted to use an Adafruit AMG8833 thermal camera feather wing with the mini color TFT feather wing.  Stacking them together with a Feather doubler board works fine (and the AMG8833 data looks very nice on the tiny screen!) but the problem is that the thermal camera is looking in the same direction as the screen.  When you look at the screen all you see is.... you!

I wanted to flip the AMG8833 around to face opposite of the screen so I could walk around and look at the thermal image of things that weren't me. So I made a super simple PCB that just flips the feather around.  The Feather Flipper! 

There might be more uses for this board but it works great to flip the thermal camera around to the back!  Board made by OshPark of course, Eagle files are in the files area.