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This is a team called Rsecurity in HTB platform , do join and hack your way in the machines , fortresses and much more . Let's hack together and let's defend together .

This group is for educational purposes . It gives daily updates about CyberSecurity . Do join this group if you want more information about CyberSecurity and want to stay updated 

It also has a team on Hack the Box called "Rsecurity" . Do join it if you want to learn more about hacking and want to get assisted on how to start your journey in CyberSecurity and Hacking

When you join the team , they will guide you through the procedure for hacking fortresses , machines , challenges , battlegrounds and much more 

You can Contact Leader for assistance and to get the policies in order to join the team 

The members are very friendly and will surely assist you whenever you need help and whenever they're free . Thank you


Do join this group if you have a Hack the Box account . This team is a really friendly team of hacking . It gives assistance to member those who are in need of any help in hacking machines , fortresses in hack the box . You can contact the leader if you want more information and also to know the policies that are required to become a member of this group . Thank you !

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    Hack The Box Login instructions

    Hello .

    If you want to join the Rsecurity team on Hack the Box platform and don't have an account , don't worry at all . Do contact the administrator for more information on how to get logged in and make an account on hack the box platform . Contact Us

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