This is a timelapse camera timer, which includes three modes for the most use cases for the timer (intervalometer for timelapse, timer for long-exposure photography and astronomy, and longer, more visible self-timer for group and pet photography)

My plan is to make a modular system for the support of multiple cameras (with isolated output and/or trigger input for cases where more than one camera is connected) and multiple kinds of cameras.

The platform is basically an Arduino Nano integrated into the board. Should be easy to hack and add functions later down the line if you are good with soldering.

The hope is that this helps people set up cheap and reliable camera setups for photogrammetry (3D scanning with photos), astronomy, nature photography, and other situations that need precise timing for the photography without having to buy multiple different remote shutter release units that may or may not work together.

  • Add support for Sony Alpha series camera with either 2.5mm input or Multi Terminal
  • Add support for plug-in connectors
  • Add support for Panasonic, Lumix cameras
  • Add support for Servo Activated Poking Device
  • Create the multi-out adapter board
  • Add support for external input
  • Add wireless remote