Ricardo's Alternate Build

A project log for sPot: Spotify in a 4th-gen iPod (2004)

Full-on Spotify scrolling and streaming via a Raspberry Pi Zero W and the original iPod clickwheel. Bluetooth, WiFi, and haptic feedback!!

Guy DupontGuy Dupont 03/11/2021 at 13:570 Comments

A few people have reached out to share progress on their iPod builds. It is so, so cool to see others working on this project.

Shoutout to @Sean for getting the clickwheel going!

I especially wanted to share a link to @Ricardo Sappia 's build, because he A) he wrote up his process in much greater detail than I did on my first go and B) he used some different parts that I think may make the project easier/better/cheaper for others.

Highlights include:

(Image pulled from Ricardo's post - THANK YOU!!!!)