Crazy Week! Systick, Instructions and Testing the Tests

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Live-coding an Open-Source Pico Emulator from Scratch

Uri ShakedUri Shaked 05/11/2021 at 15:550 Comments

Whoa, this week had three(!) spontaneous live-streams, in addition to the usual weekly stream. It all started when we tried to get the official Arudino Core for the Pi Pico to blink a virtual LED:

We started working on the implementation of SysTick, a timer built into the ARM Cortex Core, and ran into problems. So we did another live troubleshooting session:

As we couldn't really figure out the problem, we decided to start tidying up the code and implementing all the missing instructions, in another spontaneous session:

Finally, following a suggestion from Mike Wright on the YouTube channel and a GitHub discussion with Valerio, we decide to verify our unit tests against the actual RP2040 silicone. We also set up ESLint, discovering a few small but significant bugs in our code:

Well, it's definitely been a crazy week. See you in the next stream today!