• Some minor progress

    gadgetmies11/14/2022 at 14:34 0 comments

    Haven't been able to make a lot of progress on this project for a long time and have not even updated the stuff to the repo that I have been able to produce :(.

    Anyhow pushed board design files for an XY-pad and a USB hub to the repo. These boards are not in the credit card format however as these are meant for POC:ing the sensors and designs. Sadly did not specify the location for the JLCPCB ID texts and thus those (of course) are on the top side and on the XY-pad in the middle of the pad grid :(.

    I built the USB hub and thus far it seems that the board actually does work (at least when only one controller is connected)! The current form factor however is not very good as it will be difficult to stuff it in a wallet alongside the credit card boards. Will need to come up with something better for this, but at least now I know that the FE1.1S USB controller IC works. If you have any ideas on how to build something small to connect the boards to a PC, please ping me!

    The implementation for the mixer has taken a small step forward as well as I was able to successfully build one board and flash the bootloader on it!