This is an experimental project that aims to explore the limits of hobby 3D printing.
This project does not aim to reproduce a standard vehicle construction. Many things can go wrong, but we will enjoy and learn through the process. :)
Any suggestion and help is welcome. Feel free to comment.

  Plastic itself is not so stiff and strong as other materials like composites or metals.
But with 3D printing it is possible to create intrincated internal structures in the parts that are impossible to do with other manufacturing systems.
So it is possible to get final parts quite strong if properly designed.

  The main reason I have chosen PLA or PETG for most of the parts is because those materials are easy to find and most important, they are easy to print. So anyone can do it with a hobby printer. ABS, PA, PC and other plastics for big parts like the ones needed, are difficult to print on a hobby printer, as they tend to warp if you are not very careful when printing.

Vehicle technical details

Project technical details

  This is an Open Source Hardware project, I am putting all designs and info together in an understandable way, and will publish it soon.

  All documentation of this project on any format is licensed under the Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-by-sa 4.0) license Your comments here and other in places help to improve the project so its design will change as time passes.


This is a non commercial project borne with my own time and money and with the help of some collaborators, people and companies that decided to help me in this endeavour that alone may be impossible to do. THANK YOU to all of them.

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