BoarDIY is my first attempt of a self-made electrified longboard.

The region in which I live has a lot of paved roads and more and more bike paths. The bike paths in particular are ideal for getting from A to B quickly. Since a bike is often too bulky to take it on the train and longboarding (without a motor) can be quite strenuous, I had planned to compensate the two disadvantages with an electric longboard.

So I can cover short distances (approx. 10km) just as quickly as with a bike and can simply clamp the board under my arm if I have to take a train. For me this is also a good opportunity to bridge the "last mile" between the train-stop and the destination.

(Like with some other projects) I found the commercially available electric longboards either too expensive or the performance was insufficient.

BoarDIY is powered by two 600W hub motors in the wheels. Supplied by two 5Ah 4S Lipos connected in series, I achieve a speed of approx. 30km/h (~18.6mph) and a range of approx. 10km (~6.2miles).

The housing parts are all made with the 3D printer and can easily be reprinted (without support). The remaining parts are standard electrical and mechanical parts.

I will prepare a detailed list of materials and assembly instructions soon. :)