Games to play on your eMBee ONE

A project log for eMBee ONE Pocket Computer

A 1980s style 8-bit computer running BASIC. Includes OLED screen and a QWERTY keyboard. Oh, and the whole thing fits in an Altoids tin.

Matthew BeggMatthew Begg 02/04/2021 at 16:020 Comments

Once the eMBee ONE is released, you'll want to have some games to play on it. Despite only having a text-based display and 1KB of program memory, I think you'll be able to code quite sophisticated action games thanks to the 'POS' and 'INKEY$' commands. They allow you to position a character anywhere on the screen and take quick keyboard inputs. 

Alternatively, lots of the printed listings in old Usborne 1980s computer books should work with minimal adjustments. And the listings in the seminal 1978 book 'BASIC Computer Games: Microcomputer Edition' should also work.