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A project log for DIY AOI RGB Light

Want a color-angular approach to inspecting your solder joint fillet quality? This rainbow-dome is your solution for less than $20!

sina-roughaniSina Roughani 01/31/2021 at 02:020 Comments

The print just completed and I wanted to make a few notes about tolerance.

Tolerance of others lifestyles is critical for being a good person, but tolerances on 3D printed parts are not essential for being a good person. No matter what you do, mis-fitting parts are destined to print on fresh, untested settings. I designed with this in mind and tossed in a 0.2mm hole oversize. Cura also has a setting called "slicing wall tolerance" which allows for exclusive, inclusive, and middle slicing tolerances. 

As you can tell, for fitting 5mm LED's through 5mm holes, I should have used exclusive tolerances. The problem is, I did and it still didn't fit. On such a large print, you can't afford layer adhesion issues, so the surefire solution to preventing that is to boost your extrusion and over-extrude by setting infill "flow" to 125% and wall flow to 110%. Unfortunately that resulted in holes that are *just* too snug.

Time to whip out the drill.