^5 Remote Reset

A project log for RPUadpt - a shield for multidrop serial over CAT5

Serial mezzanine with management for host to one or many targets.

ronaldsutherlandronald.sutherland 04/03/2017 at 21:260 Comments

I used an RPUftdi^4 to do a remote reset of an RPUno^6 with an RPUadpt^5 shield. The RPUno was also wired to a K3^2 board. A quick video shows picocom used to do the remote reset.

^5 Remote Reset Video

^5 Remote Reset

After the reset, the bootloader runs for a few seconds and then passes control to the Solenoid firmware which reads an address from the RPUadpt shield over I2C and cycles through each latching coil to place them in a known state. Reading the address from RPUadpt also lets the bus manager on that board broadcast a byte on the RS-485 bus management pair (DTR) that ends the lockout placed on other devices to allow a point to point bootload connection (i.e. a return to normal point to multipoint mode).