Final Assembly + Power Measurement

A project log for The Slowest Video Player with 7-Colors!

Watch your favorite films at 1 frame per minute

manuel-tosoneManuel Tosone 07/03/2021 at 13:490 Comments

Final Assembly

Finally found the time to work on this project again. All the pieces are assembled in the 3D-printed enclosure.

Power Consumption

To measure the power consumption I've used a 22 Ohm shunt resistor in series with the batteries. The yellow and pink traces represent the voltages before and after the resistor. The orange trace is the current, computed using the math function of the scope. The last trace is the energy, computed by integrating the product of C2 and F1 over time.

The energy required for one update is 3.7J, since the display updates every 24 minutes, the device has an average power consumption of 

Knowing this it is possible to estimate the battery life. With 6 AA batteries, each with an average capacity of 3Wh, the total capacity is 18000 mWh.