STL Files released 16/01/2021

A project log for Edog - Mini 3D printed Quadruped Robot ✨

Hi, I'm edog, I'm a robotic project under development. I will participate to the eurobot cup 2021 in July and will become open source

gaultier-lecaillonGaultier Lecaillon 07/16/2021 at 20:250 Comments

I finally uploaded stl parts online for Edog ! 

Prints are extremely simple, you don't need any support if you set the "support overhang angles" to 51°. The only trick is to print two "tibia" mirrored in order to print left and right tibia, the femur is already symmetrical and can be printed 4 times.

Download link:

PS: I didn't publish the shell, I'm not satified by the shape, I will uplaod it later :)