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In This Project, We Are Going To Show You Making A DC-12v Amplifier Circuit Using Tip Series Transistor. It Is Very Simple To Make And You Can Make This Circuit At Home Easily.

To Make This Amplifier Circuit, We Need Some Electronics Component. Those Component List Have To Been Given Below.

Component List :

1. Transistor - Tip 3055

       Tip 147

2. Capacitor - 470µf/35v

3. Resistor - 100 K Ohm

4. Volume - B 100 K

5. Power Source - DC 12v

To Make This Amplifier Circuit, First We Connect Both Transistor With Heat Sink. We Might Connect Tip3055 At Left Side And Tip147 At Right Side.

Both Transistor Have Different Pinout. First We Need To Know That.

TIP 3055 Pinout - PNP Transistor (from left side) – 1 Number Base, 2 Number Collector & 3 Number Emitter

TIP 147 Pinout – NPN Transistor (from left side) - 1 Number Base, 2 Number Collector & 3 Number Emitter

Now Connect Tip3055 Collector With Tip147 Base. Connect Tip3055 Emitter With Tip147 Collector. Connect Resistor With Tip3055 Base & Tip147 Emitter. Connect Capacitor Negative Leg With Tip3055 Base. Connect Capacitor Positive Leg With Middle Leg Of Volume. Connect Tip147 Collector With Left Leg Of Volume.

Now We Connect Audio Input Cable With The Amplifier Circuit. Connect Audio Input L/R Cable With Right Leg Of  Volume. Connect Audio Input G Cable With Tip147 Collector.

For Power Source We Will Use DC-12v. Connect DC-12v Positive Cable With One Terminal Of Sound Speaker & Connect A Blank Cable With The Empty Terminal Of Sound Speaker. Now Connect Blank Cable’s Other Terminal With Tip147 Emitter.

Now Connect DC -12v Negative Cable With Tip147 Collector.

Our Amplifier Circuit Is Now Ready For Use. We Can Use This Amplifier Circuit At Home Easily. Just Connect Audio Source With 3.5mm Audio Input Cable And Play Music And Enjoy The Music.