Three Joint Arm + VR Shoes Concept

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finallyfunctionalfinallyfunctional 10/17/2021 at 16:140 Comments

I made a quick sketch of this idea. These sketches are just meant to explain the general idea.

The two rectangles are VR shoes, similar to what I have already made. A shoe is coupled in its center to a pair of arms as shown. The ends of the arms and center of the shoe are pivot points, joints. As the user walks the arms will pivot around the joints. There is also a circle in the middle with a pivot point in its center to support the user being able to turn and walk in any direction.

The idea is to put either motors or springs on the joints so that when the user extends his foot the motor or spring will pull the shoe back to the center. I illustrate the idea here with some torsion springs.

I imagined this being the default state of the arms, where they basically point backwards. However there may be a different default state that is better.

The next sketch adds some circles. These are meant to represent casters.

There are two casters at the front of each shoe and one on the arm, situated behind the shoe. I think with these casters and rigid joints the shoes will be stable.

Finally, slits could also possibly be added to the arms to make them more dynamic and support more configurations. Linear actuators or compression/extension springs could be used to move the arms along the slits.

My thoughts on this concept are -