AxiDraw clone

A FreeCAD and Zephyr RTOS practice.

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I'm trying to build an AxiDraw clone. 3d printed parts are designed in FreeCAD, and the firmware (running on stm32h7 currently) works under Zephyr RTOS supervision. GRBL based.

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lukasz.iwaszkiewicz wrote 02/02/2021 at 00:26 point

Thanks! At this point I have jogging portion ported, so I'm able to control both motors from UGS using those jog buttons (I'm new to CNC). Unfortunately I had to modify Zephyr's pwm driver to get all of this to work, and I doubt they'll be interested in merging this into the mainstream. I'll post everything soon.

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Mynasru wrote 02/01/2021 at 22:49 point

I'm realy excited to see the combination of Zephyr and GRBL! Keep us updated :)

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