Elgato Stream Deck controlling ios devices and pc

I am working on a project to use a stream deck to imitate a mouse and keyboard in IOS so I can use it to activate shortcuts

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Essentially I wanted to figure out how to use an Elgato Stream Deck has a control hub for all of my ios devices and pc my plan is to make shortcuts which I will add to a home screen page or folder than I will use a virtual keyboard and mouse to activate those shortcuts by having a function on an Elgato stream deck send a signal which will get translated to key board and mouse imputs so for example on the stream deck in a folder labeled phone I will have a volume folder where I can adjust the volume the function is then transmitted to the phone as a mouse movement left click then a keyboard imput of volume 10 this will activate the shortcut which will then ask for imput and will preform actions based on that imput meaning when I dock the phone on a stand I can controll it and other ios devices.
  • 1 × Elgato stream deck
  • 1 × Lightning to Usb adapter

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Steam-Oven wrote 02/02/2021 at 10:44 point

If anybody knows how to simulate keyboard and mouse from a pc and then send it to another device via usb or has just any suggestions for this project that would be very helpful I am a major beginner with code 

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