LED integration and skirt design

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DIY Skirt with 120 Neopixel LEDs and motion detection

makeTVeemakeTVee 02/02/2021 at 17:530 Comments

6 LED stripes with 20 LEDs each are installed only at the front of the skirt. There are no LEDs at the back because of practical reasons (sitting, rest room etc.). 

The stripes are connected in a serpentine layout, so only one pin on the QT PY is used. Therefore, there are three connections at the bottom of the skirt, which are secured on the stripe with some hot glue (not the final solution). 

The skirt itself has 3 layers: 

The stripes are attached to the skirt with Velcro, one side glued to the stripe, the other one sewed to the fabric. Every stripe has 4 Velcro points.

Power is distributed at the top of the stripes and hidden in the white double layer at the top.

Shrinking tubes are already installed, but not shrinked yet.

The cable is guided to a pocket at the back of the skirt. There is a buttonhole to reach the pocket from inside.

As mentioned, there are no LEDs at the back for better daily use. Of course, for special reasons (e.g. dancing), this skirt can be easily updated to a full LED set by adding stripes on the back via Velcro. 

The pocket at the top of the back is large enough to hold the USB power bank and the controller, but still small enough to hide it under a shirt.

All 6 stripes are accessed by this single cable ending in the pocket.

If everything is install, the pocket looks like this

Apart from this, the skirt is a normal skirt with full functionality ;-) So it is also a nice skirt without LEDs. But why should someone do this....

So better switch the lights on: