Quantity   Component name
1 × AdaFruit 32x32 RGB matrix These come in varying densities and that makes a bigger or smaller clock. Denser panels are smaller and work better close up
1 × Generic LDR
1 × Generic 10K resistor
4 × SPST Pushbuttons for 'set', 'up' and 'down' and 'demo (show off)
1 × SPST toggle switch ANSO on or off
1 × SPDT toggle with center off Used to switch between Westminster Chimes and either Cuckoo clock or simple bell
1 × DS3231 RTC and battery Very accurate -- not much drift once set
1 × Adafruit FX 2mb Soundboard with amplifier
1 × Generic 8 ohm speaker
1 × Adafruit BME680 temp, humidity and barometric pressure sensor
1 × AC Adapter -- 5v and 4A The RGB panels use more than trivial current - need a robust adapter
1 × Enclosure I used two hobby shadow boxes back to back. Any box will do. I like to put the adapter brick inside too if it fits
1 × Generic Arduino Mega 2560 processor
1 × Chemcast Black LED Acrylic panel TAP Plastics -- diffuses the LEDs and makes them appear to 'float'