Compukit 1 De luxe Addon Board

A project log for Limrose Compukit 1

Recreation of the Limrose Compukit 1 from 1970.

deftcoyotedeftcoyote 02/16/2021 at 21:510 Comments

I'm feeling motivated to ignore work I should be doing. It seemed silly to not just quickly create the addon board to turn the Compukit 1 into the Compukit 1 De luxe. It's designed to mount the board through the Logic 0 and two battery terminals. 3 screws or pins. Anyway, once I get the other board done, I'll try prototyping this as well. The kicad files have been added. Here are the images.

I like the look of the little board to just attach to the larger one. I think now I can just focus on the applications of the boards and actually making them.