Prototype Components

A project log for Limrose Compukit 1

Recreation of the Limrose Compukit 1 from 1970.

deftcoyotedeftcoyote 01/07/2023 at 05:230 Comments

I did not have enough 10k resistors originally to finish, so I put the project up and ordered some. In the interim, things got pretty busy and I did a lot of other projects. Anyway, I got some new soldering tips, and finally finished soldering the components on. I also colored the board black with a sharpie. I need to get some pins to solder in for the gates, and I'll draw the NAND/NOR symbols on (or get stickers), and do some debugging testing. But for now, here's a fuzzy picture of the board.

Hopefully I can get the pins fairly soon and I'll give an update then. I originally wanted to order a nice board since they're cheap, but I think I'm happy with just having the etched board.